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This is for promotions, for which the YouTuber will not receive payment. This also includes the segues used to smoothly transition into and out of the segment. If this is an obvious brief reminder or information, it should be under Interaction Reminder (Subscribe) instead.

This includes:

  • Merchandise
  • Patreon, Channel Memberships, Twitch Subscriptions or any similar monetized platforms
    • This includes scrolling lists of financial supporters (Patreon, GitHub Sponsors etc..)
  • Videos or playlists
  • Charities, products or websites they like
  • Information about whom they collaborated with
  • Shout-outs with no money exchanged
  • Giveaways with no involvement of a 3rd party and the announcement of the winner
    • No money exchanged
    • Content YouTuber should have full control
    • Products should be purchased by the YouTuber
  • Asking for paid/free services from their subscribers (fanmail, video clips)

Exceptions/ Edge Cases

The decision on whether it should be marked sponsor or unpaid promotion is influenced by several factors.

For example:

  1. Did they receive money as well as the product? If so, then it should be marked Sponsor.
  2. Are they obviously linked with the product they are promoting? If so, then it should be marked Unpaid/ Self Promotion.
  3. Does the product they are promoting have their branding, similar to merch? If so, then it should be marked Unpaid/ Self Promotion.

If it is impossible to cleanly cut or overlap the segments, Interaction Reminders can be included in Unpaid/ Self Promotion


Description Video Link
Positive Examples
Section promoting another YouTuber who helped blur out vehicle registration plates. Eure Videos #159
The viewers created and gifted him parts for his machine and received a shout-out for it. Solving the 1000 pieces engineering puzzle
He promotes his own shop. Honda Metropolitan II Multipurpose Lock picked
This is all about his keycaps. It is similar to using a company that produces and sells custom merch. Make your keyboard thock for $3
Long and specific interaction reminder about future video and doesn't add any context to the current one. The birth of photography: Drawing with Light (and silver iodide)
Specific interaction reminder about the future video The most powerful computers you've never heard of
Negative Examples
The show is owned by HBO, but there is no obvious connection between the show and HBO. Housing Discrimination: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
They received the product for free, but also money so it is a Sponsor. We might need a Wi-Fi upgrade - Juniper Networks showcase