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Use this, when there is an explicit reminder to like, subscribe or interact with them on any paid or free platform. If it is about something specific it should be under Unpaid/Self Promotion instead.


Calls-To-Action never contain useful information. If it could be useful, use Unpaid/Self Promotion instead.

This includes:

  • Short reminders to Like, Subscribe, Follow, Interact, or watch to the end
    • This includes "Pay attention or you'll miss [x] Easter Eggs", playback speed, and repeat requests
  • Reacting to messages or donations
  • Request for opinions in comments (See Exceptions/ Edge Cases)

Exceptions/ Edge Cases

  1. Factual advice should not be included; Opinions or polls should be (See Examples)
    • How can I improve the machine I am building (Factual)
    • If anyone has worked with x before and has advice on proper practices, please comment below (Factual)
    • What should we call our new cat (Opinion)
    • If anyone has any suggestions for a name, comment below (Opinion)
Not included
  • On-screen interaction reminders that cannot be skipped without disrupting content. If you manage to make a segment which skips one of these without cutting out content and it doesn't have a bad transition, go ahead and submit it.
    • Subscribe button animations.
    • Like button animations.
    • Notification button animations.
  • Answering or reacting to comments
  • Talking about something specific:
    • an event
    • a specific post
    • a long-ish explanation


Description Video Link
Positive Examples
This asks you to subscribe because of future content. Intel's beast canyon NUC is crazy powerful
He asks to like and subscribe. The gamma key affair: It could have destroyed Mul-T-Lock
Content plays in the background during the audio-only interaction reminder. A mute segment works here. Don't mark the request for correction at the end. A real life alien (minus the acid spit)
Reminder to keep watching to the end of the video. I made XCOM in 25 hours (plus special announcement!)
Negative Examples
Don't submit on screen reminders with content in the background. Welcome to Achievement Island
Asking for ways how to improve lava lamps should not be marked. What exactly is the goop inside a lava lamp?
Interaction segment from 0:22 - 0:35 also contained an intro. Should not be grouped together as a single segment. How to move characters in Unity 3D