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Usually at the start of a video.

An interval without actual content. This should not be used for transitions containing important context.

This includes:

  • Pauses
  • Static frames
  • Looping animations
  • Livestream pauses with no content:
    • Looping animations
    • Livestream Chat window
    • Long break with no talking or nothing seemingly happening
  • Copyright, Fair Use, Fiction and Legal disclaimers
    • Content Warnings (ESRB, PEGI etc...) are not valid intros
  • Parts of the video that were blurred or muted by the YouTuber after uploading and don't make sense without the removed video or audio
  • Topic themed intro animations and short cinematic openings
  • Random unrelated clips with music, similar to an intro of a TV Show
  • Generic or repetitive chapter title cards
    • Chapter titles that give unique context or content not in the chapter titles are not allowed
    • Title cards for chapters covered in SponsorBlock chapters, creator created chapters, or commented chapters can be included
    • Generic chapters such as "Question 2", "Round 3" or titles to segments repeated throughout the series like "Fan Mail" can be included

Exceptions/ Edge Cases

  1. As a rule of thumb, you can assume, that anything containing speech should not be submitted.
  2. A greeting containing speech may be marked as intro if and only if it is separated from the rest of the video with a clear visual AND audio cut.
  3. An intro segment which contains a warning that protects the viewer should have the warning left out or not be marked at all.

This category is not for:

  • Getting to the interesting part of a video. (Highlight or Non-Music)
  • Time-lapses
  • Slow motion clips
  • B-roll
  • Bloopers
  • Jokes
  • Disclaimers that are there to protect the viewer
    • Spoiler warnings
    • Content warnings
    • Photosensitive warnings
    • Anti-harassment disclaimers
    • Content Ratings (Film, TV, Video Games)
    • Copyright, Fair Use and fiction/legal disclaimers can be marked as Intermission/ Intro Animation
  • Context relevant to parts immediately after the segment


Description Video Link
Positive Examples
The intro animation that is found in Linus Tech Tips' videos. I tried Steam Deck early and it's awesome
The spoken intro on Daily Dose of Internet may be submitted because it is the same every time and no content is in the background. Normally any speaking would be considered content, but this is an exception. Bread that hates mustard
Themed intro cinematic over music OnePlus 9 Pro review: A huge Hasselblad promise
This cut is very seamless. The mask of Tutankhamun
The intro consists of random unrelated clips with music that give no context for the video I need help with my new house
Themed intros for The Studio that differ slightly between videos Blind smartphone guessing game!
The MKBHD desk setup tour 2021
Themed intro. Your hands go inside this keyboard
Tv-series like intro Spec ops react to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - night missions campaign
Negative Examples
In this trailer the first 5 seconds should not be cut, because you can hear the wind blowing in the background. The wind in this case is content. KGF: Chapter 2 teaser
The category shouldn't be used to get to the point of the video. A segment from 0:00 to 0:13 is not permitted. Kyudo - The sound of an arrow being released from bow
The cinematic at the beginning should not be cut, because it is vital to the context. Removing it leads to a decreased viewer experience. It doesn't matter that the title references it. You wouldn’t download a PC case?
Intro segment doubles as a warning to protect the viewer and should not be marked. Handheld DNA eraser?