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Warning: the filler category is very aggressive. It is strongly recommended to not use this in a client by default, as it can be confusing if you don't know what is happening.

POI Categories

These signify a specific point in the video (Point of Interest). Start time and end time are equal.

This category can only be submitted as a poi action type


Full Video only Categories

This category only allows submitting as full action type


Chapter only Categories

This category only allows submitting as chapter action type[1]


Action Type

skip mute full [2] poi chapter



Rating Types

Type Number Description
0 Downvote/ Dislike
1 Upvote/ Like

User Features

Type Number Description
0 Chapters
1 Filler/ Tangent
  1. While this requires payment to use on the browser extension, you are free to implement this feature for free on third-party ports
  2. This action type will always have start time and end time equal to 0, and means that the entire video is labelled as this category