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While advertised as being "By Creators", creators do not have a controlling stake in Nebula

Payouts are Split 50/50 between creators and Standard.TV (Standard Broadcast LLC) [1]

CuriosityStream (Curiosity) has a 25% equity in Nebula (2021-08-23)[2][3] via Devin Emery[4])

Standard Broadcast LLC is owned by David Wiskus who also acts as the CEO of Nebula[5]. An unknown amount of stake in either Standard Broadcast LLC or Nebula is owned by the four "Founding creators" obtained when CGP Grey and Philipp Dettmer from Kurzgesagt exited from Standard Broadcast LLC.[6]


Nebula: Watch Nebula LLC [7]

Standard.TV: Standard Broadcast LLC [8][9][10]

CuriosityStream Inc.[11][12]

"Founding creators": Sam from Wendover, Brian from Real Engineering, Alex from LowSpecGamer, Devin from LegalEagle and Thomas Frank[6]