Automating Submissions

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Do NOT submit segments if there is an existing segment that is good. If you are found to be automating segment submissions, you will be warned and/or banned.

You can use timings provided from automated tools but you MUST manually review & preview them.

ML/ AI Segments

While there are multiple ML/ AI Projects based around SponsorBlock ( and, Automating submissions is strongly discouraged. While these models are accurate to the transcriptions, they are not trained to include frame buffers, transitions or segues and often include too much.

Repeating/ Consistent Timings

Personally, I have made segments for playlists and for channels and made similarly timed segments but the consistency and accuracy of "repeating" intros doesn't account for early fade-ins, interruptions or changes in styling over the year(s). 90% accuracy for 90% of videos isn't good enough.