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==== What constitutes a ban? ====
==== What constitutes a ban? ====
*A ban should be issued to users who break the rules in a way, that them explaining to them would not fix
*A ban should be issued to users who break the rules in a way, that explaining them to them would not be feasible.
*Their submissions show disregard of the guidelines, in such a way that good faith cannot be assumed anymore.
*Their submissions show disregard of the guidelines, in such a way that good faith cannot be assumed anymore.
**Censoring people or stuff shown for pretty much all reasons
**Censoring people or stuff shown for pretty much all reasons

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This article covers tools and work sequences for VIPs. VIPs can help moderate videos and investigate potential abuse if they have the time for it, but there are no expectations for the amount of work or commitment. VIP is a permission level, not a job.

Code of Conduct

Don't question VIPS on submitting a segment with a small difference to yours, unless you believe the new segment is worse than the original. In the end it is about creating good segments and not about your stats.

Tools and Terminology

  • SponsorBlock Browser by Lartza. Short: SBB
    • Userscripts by Nanobyte. They make SBB prettier and easier to read, aswell as utility.
    • Userscripts by TheJzoli. Small user experience improvements for SBB.
    • Userscripts by Deedit. Locking, category change and voting for SBB. SBB opener for YouTube.
    • Explanations of all features at the top of the respective sites. You will need a userscript manager like Tampermonkey. Press raw on the right of the filename and then install.
  • SponsorBlockControl by Nanobyte. Short: SBC
  • sb-slash by mchangrh.
  • For opening the SBB page of a video while on its page add this as a bookmarklet: javascript:(function(){'' + new URL(document.URL).searchParams.get("v") + '/')})()
  • 👍 is commonly used to show support for a message, supporting a ban or another action taken while ✅ is used to show confirmation, that a video in #incorrect-submissions has been handled or a user's ban has gone through. Alt + left click will add an emoji to your favorites.
  • A full list of community projects and tools are available at Community

Moderating Users


What constitutes a warning and when to lift it?

Warnings should be issued to users who misinterpret the rules and can be set straight by simply telling them to review the rules and guidelines, e.g. users who often mislabel the category can just use the flowchart.

The point of a warning is to get the user into matrix or discord so that we can talk to them, make sure they go over the guidelines and hopefully learn from their mistake.

Once they have confirmed they have read the guidelines, checked out their previous mistakes and if applicable, read the corresponding articles, the warning may be lifted. A possible prompt for this can be

Please read the guidelines and confirm if you understand the mistakes, or ask any questions if you have any.

How to issue a warning?

In #report-a-user post a message with the warning reasons and link their profile on SBB. The message should look like this:

Warning for


Intro covering content:

Sponsor doesn't include segue: 

Other unrelated tips...

The warning reason is everything after "Reasons". On SBC paste the userID and the warning reason. Please paste the warning reasons! Yes, it can be quite long. If you want to give tips to the user, do it now, as they will see this message. If the user has many wrong segments, but you still feel like a warning is appropriate, consider removing all old segments by banning and unbanning them.

What does the user experience?

When the user is submitting or voting on a segment, a chat window of #questions will open and automatically post a message with their warning reason. They cannot navigate to any other channels, so don't link to a discord message or other channels. Their username will be set to their userID and they will see an alertbox with the following text:

Submission rejected due to a warning from a moderator. This means that we noticed you were making some common mistakes that are not malicious, and we just want to clarify the rules. Could you please send a message in or so we can further help you? Your userID is ${userID}.

Warning reason: ${reason}


Bans of users with many submissions need approval of one other VIP. Don't hold back on banning users, when they submit bad segments. They should be mature enough, that their bad segments show up for everyone to see.

What constitutes a ban?

  • A ban should be issued to users who break the rules in a way, that explaining them to them would not be feasible.
  • Their submissions show disregard of the guidelines, in such a way that good faith cannot be assumed anymore.
    • Censoring people or stuff shown for pretty much all reasons
  • Submissions were created to lessen the viewer experience.
  • It shows, that the user never bothered reading the category descriptions.

How to issue a ban?

In #bans post a message with the ban reasons and link their profile on SBB. #bans is a private channel. The message should look like this:

(Recommending) ban for


Intro covering content:

Sponsor doesn't include segue: 

Wait for another VIP's support with 👍. After receiving approval, head to SBC and ban the user. You may choose to hide categories. Confirm your ban with ✅.

What does the user experience?

The user will not notice they have been banned, as we issue only shadowbans. As long as the user still uses the same IP address, they will continue seeing their segments, but no one else will. Their views will stay at zero, so their time saved and related stats will stop changing.

How can I recognize a banned user on SBB?

Banned users will have an ❌ in the shadow hidden column of their segments on SBB.

Moderating Videos

Knowledge of Categories

Read these articles and the guidelines and feel free to ask in the discord after checking the wiki.

Manipulating Segments

Voting and category changing can be done with SBC or with Deedit's userscript or on YouTube.

  • Upvoting a segment will lock it. This means that it will always be shown and immune to downvotes, even from the submitter.
  • Downvoting a segment will immediately remove it, no matter whose it is.
    • Locked segments are marked yellow to warn the VIP, that this segment was approved by a VIP. If you aren't sure, search for the videoID/UUID in Discord or ask. Not all decisions are well documented.
  • Undoing a vote on will revert the segment's votes to what they were before your downvote or upvote. It will also remove other VIP's locks.
  • If a segment is in a wrong category, you can change it directly on YouTube, or on SBC.
    • Locked categories are colored yellow in the category selector. Be careful when changing to a locked category or submitting in one.

Locking Categories

  • Review the entire video and make sure that all displayed segments are correct.
  • Make sure to include a reason why segments should not be there if applicable.
  • You can lock videos if you are concerned that segments will be spammed, before or after working on a video.
    • It is explicitly allowed to lock popular videos at release to prevent spam.
  • The most recent lock reason will be displayed.

When users try to submit a category that is locked, they will receive the following message:

New submissions are not allowed for the following category: {category}. A moderator has decided that no new segments are needed on this video and that all current segments of this category are timed perfectly.

Lock reason: {reason}

If you believe this is incorrect, please contact someone on or

If the locked category is sponsor, the previous prompt will be expanded by this:

Maybe the segment you are submitting is a different category that you have not enabled and is not a sponsor. Categories that aren't sponsor, such as self-promotion can be enabled in the options.

Submitting Segments

Your segments should be perfectly accurate and follow the rules. This is because normal users cannot remove your segments and VIPs don't want to remove other VIPs' segments. If you are unsure, feel free to ask.


Don't go around downvoting established segments. Odds are, you probably misunderstood the rules and could lose your VIP status if you are incorrigible.

Searching Segments

When searching for segments en masse, SBB is recommended but has an update delay of 5 minutes.

Alternatively sb-slash can be used to search for segments on videos

  • /searchsegements - get all segments on video, regardless of votes or hidden status
  • /skipsegments - get segments displayed on video
  • /segmentinfo - look up information from the segment UUID including user agent