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VIPs are SponsorBlock's moderators. They have rights to moderate segments and users. In the data base explorer you can recognize them by the 👑 crown next to their votes. On the discord you can recognize them by their VIP role and maybe a green color name.

Moderating segments

Like any other user, VIPs can downvote segments. A segment downvoted by a VIP will not be shown to users anymore. VIPs can lock segments. Locked segments will be shown to users taking priority over non-locked segments. They can also only be removed by VIPs. All segments created by a VIP are locked by default.

Moderating users

A VIP has two options when moderating users: banning and warning. Warnings are issued to users who make common mistakes when submitting segments. Upon trying to submit their next segment or voting on a segment they will receive a popup prompting them to ask about their warning on discord or Matrix. Behavior that will end up in a ban consists of but is not limited to:

  • Malicious segments such as:
    • Censoring certain people regardless of what they did
    • Submitting segments to stop people from viewing creators
  • Submitting segments that are consistently off by a little. If the segment reduces the viewer experience because it is badly timed, it shouldn't be there in the first place.

Expectation of VIPs

  • VIPs are expected to only submit perfect segments, as they are excluded from the normal voting process.
  • VIPs are expected to moderate videos, if they have the time for it. They are volunteers after all.
  • VIPs are expected to be able to judge segments when they are posted in #incorrect-submissions on discord.

How can I become a VIP?

  • You should have a good understanding of how categories are supposed to be applied.
  • Your segments should be timed perfectly.
  • You should have some free time on your hand to moderate after becoming VIP.
How to show you fullfill the requirements:
  • You should have saved other people quite a few hours.
  • You should have a low percentage of ignored views.
  • You should have submitted many segments.
  • Consider posting wrong segments in #incorrect-submissions on discord so we can see how you would apply the Guidelines.

To actually become a VIP you will need to request the "Requesting to be VIP" role in #help-out on discord by reacting to a message. This unlocks the channel #vip-request in which you will have to link your userID preferably via the data base explorer. It is not guaranteed that you will become a vip and asking multiple times might reduce your chances.