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VIP permission allows a user to have moderation-like powers in SponsorBlock. In the data base explorer you can recognize them by the 👑 (crown) next to their votes. On the discord you can recognize them by their VIP role and maybe a green or light-green colored username.

Moderating segments

VIP downvotes and upvotes have more power. Downvotes will remove segments immediately.

VIP submitted or upvoted segments will be locked by default. These segments will always be shown instead of similarly timed but unlocked segments and can only be removed by other VIPs. In the database explorer, locked segments can be identified by a 🔒 (lock) icon next to the number of votes.

VIPs can also lock categories on videos to prevent future submissions for one or more categories and action types. This is typically done to prevent future submissions if there are no missing segments for that category and all existing segments are perfectly timed. Usually, Highlights and Filler are not locked as those categories are more subjective.

If you think a VIP has made a mistake, send a link to the video along with a brief explanation to the #incorrect-submissions channel in the discord.

Moderating users

Users can be moderated in two ways: bans and warnings.

Warnings are issued to users who make common mistakes when submitting segments. Upon trying to submit their next segment or voting on a segment they will receive a popup prompting them to ask about their warning on discord or Matrix.

A ban is always approved by at least two VIPs. The ban may also entail the removal of all submissions.

Behavior that will result in a ban consists of but is not limited to:

  • Malicious segments such as:
    • Censoring certain people regardless of what they did or who they are.
    • Censoring a part of a video containing information which is not a sponsor or other valid segment. (Politics, Religion, etc).
    • Submitting segments to stop people from viewing creators.
    • Vandalizing a video by submitting many incorrect segments, making the video hard to watch.
  • Submitting segments that are consistently badly timed. If the segment degrades the viewer experience because it is badly timed, it shouldn't be there in the first place.
  • Submitting segments for sponsors, intros, self-promos, etc. that do not exist.
  • Submitting incorrect segments that are absurdly long to try and farm saved time and skips.

How can I become a VIP?

  • You should have been making consistently good segments for more than a month
    • Good grasp on any category you've made a submission in
    • Should not have any major mistakes that we would normally issue warnings for (See Guidelines)
Requesting VIP
  1. Pick up the Requesting To be a VIP role in #help-out on Discord
  2. Create a new thread in #vip-request with your publicID

I am a new VIP. How does stuff work?

Check this article out.