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24 May 2023

     10:53  Community‎‎ 2 changes history +288 [Mchangrh‎; AcesFullOfKings‎]
10:53 (cur | prev) +6 AcesFullOfKings talk contribs (→‎Userscripts: update github username. old redirect will eventually stop working) Tag: Visual edit: Switched
03:38 (cur | prev) +282 Mchangrh talk contribs (add userscripts by jiraph) Tag: Visual edit

21 May 2023

     22:31  DeArrow/Guidelines/Draft‎‎ 6 changes history +361 [Mschae23‎ (2×); Ajay‎ (4×)]
22:31 (cur | prev) +168 Mschae23 talk contribs (→‎Format: Refer to "hierarchy layers / elements" as components, change wording)
20:44 (cur | prev) +40 Mschae23 talk contribs (→‎Format: Specify ordering)
01:42 (cur | prev) +4 Ajay talk contribs (link) Tag: Visual edit
01:39 (cur | prev) +85 Ajay talk contribs (Clarified fiction section) Tag: Visual edit
01:38 (cur | prev) +71 Ajay talk contribs (improve casing section and add info about temporary way to keeping formatting) Tag: Visual edit
01:33 (cur | prev) −7 Ajay talk contribs (clarify intro) Tag: Visual edit

20 May 2023

     21:42  Template:Draft diffhist +83 Mschae23 talk contribs (Add Draft category to pages using this template)
     17:52  DeArrow/Guidelines/Draft diffhist +185 Mschae23 talk contribs (→‎Series: Add deprecation notice)

19 May 2023

 m   15:38  DeArrow/Guidelines/Draft diffhist −39 Mschae23 talk contribs (Use the "Draft" template)
N    15:36  Template:Draft diffhist +327 Mschae23 talk contribs (Create template for draft articles or sections)
 m   15:28  Template:Box diffhist +30 Mschae23 talk contribs (Use a background color instead of a header row)

18 May 2023

     20:41  DeArrow/Guidelines/Draft‎‎ 3 changes history +2,148 [Mschae23‎ (3×)]
20:41 (cur | prev) −8 Mschae23 talk contribs (Use a box to say that the section is a draft)
20:25 (cur | prev) +2,123 Mschae23 talk contribs (Add "Format" section to describe how titles should be formatted without only using examples)
18:47 (cur | prev) +33 Mschae23 talk contribs (Put references into their own section)
N    20:40  Template:Box diffhist +148 Mschae23 talk contribs (Create Template:Box)

16 May 2023

 m   05:13  DeArrow/Guidelines/Draft‎‎ 2 changes history −9 [Mschae23‎; Mchangrh‎]
05:13 (cur | prev) +11 Mschae23 talk contribs (→‎Series: Add "S01E02")
00:53 (cur | prev) −20 Mchangrh talk contribs (use citation extension, clean up some return times) Tag: Visual edit
     00:54 Protection log Mchangrh talk contribs protected Talk:DeArrow/Guidelines/Draft [Edit=Allow only administrators] (indefinite) [Move=Allow only administrators] (indefinite) ‎ (hist)
N    00:54  Talk:DeArrow/Guidelines/Draft diffhist +57 Mchangrh talk contribs (Created page with "Please limit discussion to the `de-arrow` discord channel")

12 May 2023

N    23:16  DeArrow‎‎ 2 changes history +219 [Mschae23‎; Mchangrh‎]
23:16 (cur | prev) +100 Mschae23 talk contribs (Add link to guidelines)
20:05 (cur | prev) +119 Mchangrh talk contribs (Created page with "DeArrow is the working name for the Clickbait Extension - It is currently not stable")
     20:03  Clickbait/Draft‎‎ 10 changes history −738 [Zack‎; Mchangrh‎; Mschae23‎ (8×)]
20:03 (cur | prev) 0 Mchangrh talk contribs (fix redirect) Tags: Redirect target changed Visual edit
18:27 (cur | prev) +386 Mschae23 talk contribs (Add section on emphasis)
18:17 (cur | prev) +1,712 Mschae23 talk contribs (Add Series section)
14:34 (cur | prev) −252 Mschae23 talk contribs (Remove duplicate information at the start of the page, collect unresolved questions)
14:28 (cur | prev) +153 Mschae23 talk contribs (Convert thumbnail and case guideline lists to subsections as well)
14:12 (cur | prev) +4 Mschae23 talk contribs (Re-add changes I accidentally overwrote)
14:10 (cur | prev) +551 Mschae23 talk contribs (Change list of guidelines for titles to subsections)
14:01 (cur | prev) +167 Zack talk contribs (Along with adding a few hyperlinks to the example videos, I also changed some little things via shortcuts. (-> was changed to →, for example.)) Tag: Visual edit
13:19 (cur | prev) +5 Mschae23 talk contribs (Add line break before table of contents)
13:06 (cur | prev) +2,220 Mschae23 talk contribs (Add DeArrow guidelines for titles and thumbnails)
     20:02  Clickbait diffhist 0 Mchangrh talk contribs (Changed redirect target from Draft/Clickbait to Clickbait/Draft) Tag: Redirect target changed
     20:02  (Deletion log) [Mchangrh‎ (3×)]
20:02 Mchangrh talk contribs deleted page Draft/Clickbait(remove redirect)
20:02 Mchangrh talk contribs deleted page DeArrow Guidelines/Draft(remove redirect)
20:01 Mchangrh talk contribs deleted page DeArrow:Guidelines/Draft(remove redirect)
     20:00 User rights log Mchangrh talk contribs changed group membership for Mschae23 from (none) to vip ‎(Grant VIP)
     19:07  (Move log) [Mschae23‎ (3×)]
19:07 Mschae23 talk contribs moved page DeArrow:Guidelines/Draft to DeArrow/Guidelines/Draft
19:05 Mschae23 talk contribs moved page DeArrow Guidelines/Draft to DeArrow:Guidelines/Draft
18:41 Mschae23 talk contribs moved page Clickbait/Draft to DeArrow Guidelines/Draft(Extension got renamed and add "guidelines" to the page title)
N    12:17  User:Mschae23 diffhist +6 Mschae23 talk contribs (Create user page)

11 May 2023

     17:52 User creation log User account Mschae23 talk contribs was created by Mchangrh talk contribs Tags: Mobile edit Mobile web edit

8 May 2023

 m   09:06  Testing diffhist +41 Mchangrh talk contribs (Add 55 segment video) Tag: Visual edit