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These are rough descriptions of all categories. They are described in more detail when you follow the link to their page. If you are unsure or the description here is too vague, check out the details, to make sure you submit correctly.
A more visual representation in the form of a flow chart can be found in this article.

This is for paid promotion, paid referrals and direct advertisements.

Unpaid/Self Promotion

This is similar to "sponsor" except for unpaid or self promotion. This includes sections about merchandise, donations, or information about who they collaborated with.

Interaction Reminder (Subscribe)

When there is a short reminder to like, subscribe or follow them in the middle of content, use this. If it is long or about something specific, it should be under self promotion instead.

Intermission/Intro Animation

This is an interval without actual content. It could be a pause, static frame, repeating animation. This should not be used for transitions containing information. Typically near the beginning of a video.


This is for credits or when the YouTube endcards appear and not for conclusions with information. Typically near the end of a video.


Quick recap of previous episodes, or a preview of what's coming up later in the current video. Meant for edited together clips, not for spoken summaries.

Filler Tangent

Tangential scenes added only for filler or humor that are not required to understand the main content of the video. This should not include segments providing context or background details.

Music: Non-Music Section

Only for use in music videos. This only should be used for sections of music videos that aren't already covered by another category.


This is for getting to the point or highlight of the video.

Mute Segment

Subcategory of Sponsor, Unpaid/Self Promotion and Interaction Reminder.
Mute segments are for segments that visually contain important information but have audio underneath that belongs in one of the categories. If a segment can be skipped, it should be skipped instead.