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==== Create better segments ====
==== Create better segments ====
To create extra accurate segments refer to[[Creating_Segments#Music_Videos | this article]].
To create extra accurate segments refer to [[Advice_for_submitting#Music_Videos|this article]].

==== Examples ====
==== Examples ====

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This is only for use in music videos. It should cover parts of the video not part of official mixes. In the end, the video should resemble the Spotify or any other mix version as closely as possible, or should reduce talking or other distractions.

Exceptions/ Edge Cases

  1. This category exists detached from other categories.
  2. Intros and endcards should still be overlayed in music videos. If all non-music segments are correctly placed and you submit an intro or endcard that is partially not covered by a non-music segment, your submissions is definitely wrong.
  3. Silent parts in original mixes should not be cut in the corresponding YouTube video.
  4. The cut should only be made after you cannot hear anything anymore. Boost your audio to make this type of cut accurately.
  5. Non-music may cover anything if needed, including visual indicators. [1]

Create better segments

To create extra accurate segments refer to this article.


Description Video Link
Positive Examples
The middle part cuts parts not part of the song. There is no endcard at the end, because it would cut the music video. MORGENSHTERN - NOMINALO (Official Video, 2021)
The start is exact. The endcards only starts once the music has faded out. BROWN MUNDE - AP DHILLON | GURINDER GILL | SHINDA KAHLON | GMINXR
Negative Examples
Segment at 0:43 - 0:58 skipped a voice over section. This is technically a valid submission, but the song is playing at the same time as the voice over so it skips part of the song. Madonna - Material Girl (Official Video) [HD]
The video is not a music video, no non-music segments should be added, Highlight should be used if skipping to the completed song Turning My Cat's Meow Into Dubstep