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Use this, when there is an explicit Call-To-Action in the middle of content. If it is long or about something specific or not free, it should be under Unpaid/Self Promotion instead.


Calls-To-Action never contain useful information. If it could be useful, use Unpaid/Self Promotion instead.

This includes:

  • short reminder to like/subscribe/follow them
  • Reacting to messages
  • Jokes

Exceptions/ Edge Cases

  1. Asking viewers for factual information related to the video should not be marked. It is ok to submit segments that include calls to comment opinions.
    • How can i improve the machine i am building vs. What should we call our new cat
Not included
  • On-screen interaction reminders that cannot be skipped without disrupting content. If you manage to make a segment which skips one of these without cutting out content and it doesn't have a bad transition, go ahead and submit it.
    • Subscribe button animations.
    • Like button animations.
    • Notification button animations.
  • Answering or reacting to comments
  • Talking about something specific:
    • an event
    • a specific post
    • a long-ish explanation


Description Video Link
Positive Examples
This asks you to subscribe because of future content. What a BEAST - Beast Canyon NUC
He asks to like and subscribe. [1338] The Gamma Key Affair: It Could Have Destroyed Mul-T-Lock
Content plays in the background during the audio-only interaction reminder. A mute segment works here. Don't mark the request for correction at the end. A real life Alien (minus the acid spit)
Negative Examples
Don't submit on screen reminders with content in the background. Welcome to Achievement Island - Minecraft
Asking for ways how to improve lava lamps should not be marked. What exactly is the goop inside a lava lamp?
Interaction segment from 0:22 - 0:35 also contained an intro. Should not be grouped together as a single segment. How to Move Characters In Unity 3D