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This is for getting to the point or highlight of the video.

Highlight is a very niche & subjective category, enabling autoskip is not recommended for any content you care about.

you will skip context, important information and have content spoiled.


Highlights are not Chapters, only one highlight is displayed per video.

Highlights will only jump to a point in the video, hence the start and end time is identical.

Highlight doesn't label the content before it, it labels the content after it.

"Most Replayed" should not have any effect on what you submit

Only submit the highlight with the highest priority

Use Cases (highest to lowest priority)[1]

  1. Skipping to the point/most important part of the video
  2. Skipping to the part of the video referred to by the title
  3. Skipping to the part of the video referred to by the thumbnail
  4. Skipping to the part of the video referenced from a preview/teaser at the start of the video