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Users are encouraged to downvote and avoid making segments with the following issues:

  1. The segment doesn't fit the category it's in.
  2. It includes information relevant to the main content of the video.
  3. The whole video is about (or closely related to) the thing you're making a segment on.
    • If the whole video is a sponsor, don't make sponsor segments.
    • If the video isn't entirely about a sponsor but could show bias for it, don't include the sponsor disclosure.
  4. The transition feels awkward (poorly timed, not seamless).
    • When possible, avoid starting in the middle of words or sentences. The other points take precedence, however.
    • You should include segues when possible. (Sections made specifically to smoothly move into a sponsor or other categories).
    • Do not include anything not relevant to the category or not necessary to make the segment seamless.
    • Segments at the beginning should start at exactly 0.00 and segment at the end should end at the exact end of the video (use the 'end' button in the submission notice).
  5. Skipping it would detract from the viewer experience.
    • If it's way too short (less than 2 seconds) and introduces awkward transitions, prefer against doing it.
  6. The segment adds onto an existing segment.
    • Doing this will cause your segment to compete with the existing segment, so only one of them will be shown.
    • If an existing segment is poorly timed, do not submit another segment to fix it. Downvote and submit your own segment covering the whole section.
    • Send it to #incorrect-submissions on Discord if you are unsure or would like a VIP to have a look at it.
  7. The segment skips something visual that does not cover the entire screen (overlays or banners).
    • If the segment occurs during actual content, try using a Mute Segment instead.

For more specifics on how to make high quality submissions, see Advice for submitting.

Category Breakdown

A more visual representation in the form of a flow chart can be found in this article.

Part of a video promoting a product or service not directly related to the creator. The creator will receive payment or compensation in the form of money or free products.

If the entire video is about the product or service, do not include the initial sponsor disclosure. This makes the viewer aware of any potential bias.

Interaction Reminder (Subscribe)

Explicit reminders to like, subscribe or interact with them on any paid or free platform(s) (e.g. click on a video). If about something specific it should be Unpaid/Self Promotion instead.

Can be bundled with Self Promotion into Endcards/Credits[1]

Unpaid/Self Promotion

Self Promotion

Promoting a product or service that is directly related to the creator themselves. This usually includes merchandise or promotion of monetized platforms.

Unpaid Promotion

The creator will not receive any payment in exchange for this promotion. This includes charity drives or free shout outs for products or other people they like.

Can be bundled into Endcards/Credits[1]

Intermission/Intro Animation

Segments typically found at the start of a video that include an animation, still frame or clip which are also seen in other videos by the same creator.

This can include livestream pauses with no content (looping animations or chat windows) and Copyright/ Fair Use disclaimers.

Do not include disclaimers to protect viewers, preparation or cleanup clips and as a rule of thumb, speech should usually not be included.

Do not include skits, time-lapses, slow-motion clips. (Possibly Filler Tangent)

Do not use this to skip past content to get to the main point of the video. (See Highlight)


Used to get to the point or highlight of a video. The use case with the lowest number should be created if multiple apply as there can only be one per video.

Use cases:

  1. Point/ most important part of the video.
  2. Part of the video referred to by the title.
  3. Part of the video referred to by the thumbnail.
  4. Part of the video referenced by a preview/ teaser.

Endcards/Credits (Outro)

Typically near or at the end of the video when the credits pop up and/or endcards are shown. This should not be based solely on the YouTube annotations.

Interaction Reminder (Subscribe) or Self Promotion can be included[1]


Collection of clips that show what is coming up in other videos of the series without voice-over or text overlays that provide additional context.

Do not include clips that only appear in the video or clips from a recapped video that is not directly linked to the current video.


This is not a catch-all for content you're not interested in.

Filler/ Tangent is only for tangential scenes added only for filler or humor that are not required to understand the main content of the video.

This can also include: Timelapses/ B-Roll, Fake Sponsors and slow-motion clips that do not provide any context or are used as replays or B-roll.

Music: Non-Music Section

Only to be used on videos which feature music as the primary content.

Segments should only include music not present in the official or Spotify music release.

Non-Music exists independently of other categories, so it is okay to overlap it with them.

Make sure to only include complete silence. Boost your audio as much as you can to avoid prematurely including any music.

Mute Segment

Mute segments are for segments that visually contain important information but have audio underneath that belongs in one of the categories.

If a segment can be skipped, it should be skipped instead.

Mute segments can also be supplements for when visual transitions are not smooth.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 If it is impossible to cleanly cut or overlap the segments, Interactions and Self Promotion can be included in Endcards if they also occur during the outro.