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Users are encouraged to downvote and avoid making segments with the following issues:

  1. The segment doesn't fit the category it's in. For example, when using the "sponsor" category, segments should contain advertisements for someone else, that the video creator gets money for. Anything else should be either not submitted, or submitted as another category. Read this article for the current category list along with category descriptions.
  2. It cuts information relevant to the video's subject. Always avoid this.
  3. The whole video is about (or closely related to) the thing you're making a segment on.
    • For example, if the whole video is a sponsor, don't make sponsor segments.
    • If the video isn't entirely about a sponsor but could show bias for it, don't cut sponsor disclosures.
  4. The transition feels awkward (poorly timed, not seamless). For example, when possible, avoid cutting in the middle of words, or on an unfinished sentence. The other points take precedence, however.
    • You should cut segues (sections made specifically to smoothly move into a sponsor) when possible
  5. It sneaks things not relevant to the segment type or not necessary to make the segment seamless.
  6. Skipping it would detract from the viewer experience
    • Don't cut what is merely visual and occurs during actual content.
    • If it's way too short (less than 2 seconds) and introduces awkward transitions, prefer against doing it.

Category Descriptions

See Segment Categories for the descriptions for each category and see the FAQ for more information.