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This page is currently a work in progress - more details to come - If you have a contribution to make, please discuss it in #new-category-discussion on discord or matrix (blabdude)


Filler Tangent is not a catch-all for content you're not interested in - Please read over the descriptions and exceptions.


  1. Tangential scenes added only for filler or humor that are not required to understand the main content of the video. This should not include segments providing context or background details.
    1. If any other category can be applied (mute or skip), choose them instead. Filler Tangent is the lowest priority category.

This includes:

  • Timelapses without voice over
  • Fake Sponsors
    • "X company should sponsor us"
  • Irrelevant/ tangential content
    • Content creator being distracted by something unrelated to the video
    • Unrelated highlight clips that don't provide any context, are not elaborated on and don't fit into preview
  • xxx

Exceptions/ Edge Cases

  • Useful Information
    1. Any segments that provide context
    2. Useful Explanations or analogies
    3. Excerpts from source content
  • xxx

Not included

  • xxx
  • xxx
  • xxx
  • xxx


Description Video Link
Positive Examples
✅ Joke filler from 18:51-18:58 DIY Curbed Wheel Fix - Was It Worth It?
✅Unrelated tangent: 10:03-10:37 - Distracted by a caterpillar 1,074 MPH BASEBALL vs. 1 Gallon of Mayonnaise - Smarter Every Day 264
4:49 - 6:02 Collection of clips that are not built upon, elaborated or used for context
5:10-5:13 is irrelevant content building on a joke
Negative Examples
This is quoting a song, which is relavant to the point he is making. The Man Who Loved An Abortion Ban (The Jimquisition)
0:58-1:27 fits better into preview
✅None of the examples in this video should be marked since they provide context NVIDIA’s Stretchy Simulation: Super Quick! 🐘
VFX Artist Reveals how Many Solar Panels are Needed to Power the ENTIRE World
Verdict Reason Timestamp
Joke analogy that provides no actual information 5:33
Unrelated joke in the middle of content 6:39
Unrelated tangent/ joke that is based in fantasy 16:28
On-topic elaboration that provides context and information 17:28
The Art of Speedrunning]
Verdict Reason Timestamp
Collection of gameplay clips that do not appear later in the video 0:40 - 1:40
The upcoming scene is narrated and a follow-up to earlier content 9:52 - 10:07
Unrelated tangent/ fun fact 10:24 - 10:40
Verdict Reason Timestamp
Clip used for humor 1:14 - 1:18
? Clip used as reference 2:05 - 2:11
Direct quote & used for context 3:10 - 3:19
Clip used to accentuate point 5:33 - 5:41
Song reference to accentuate point 5:45 - 5:49