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  1. Tangential cutscenes added only for filler or humor that are not required to understand the main content of the video.
  2. Part of the video added only for filler or humor and are not required to understand the main content of the video. This should not include segments providing context or background details.
    1. If any other category can be applied (mute or skip), choose them instead. Filler/Joke is the lowest priority category.

Name Ideas:

  • Filler Cutscene
  • Filler Scene
  • Tangential Filler
  • Filler Tangent
  • Offtopic Tangent
  • Filler/Joke

This includes:

  • Timelapses with out voice over
  • xxx
  • xxx

Exceptions/ Edge Cases

  1. xxx
    1. xxx
  2. xxx

Not included

  • xxx
  • xxx
  • xxx
  • xxx


Description Video Link
Positive Examples
Unrelated joke in the middle of content. VFX Artist Reveals how Many Solar Panels are Needed to Power the ENTIRE World
Perfect example of filler How to brew coffee
Humor Filler from 18:51-18:58 DIY Curbed Wheel Fix - Was It Worth It?
Clips used for humor (5:33-5:41) and song reference to accentuate point (5:45-5:49) WheelHouse]
Negative Examples
This is quoting a song, which is relavant to the point he is making. The Man Who Loved An Abortion Ban (The Jimquisition)