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*# Excerpts from source content
*# Excerpts from source content
*# background details
*# background details
* Segments that are referenced on later.
* Segments that are referenced later.

=== Examples ===
=== Examples ===

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Filler Tangent is not a catch-all for content you're not interested in.

This page is currently a work in progress - more details to come - If you have a contribution to make, please discuss it in #new-category-discussion on discord or matrix


This is for tangential scenes added only for filler or humor that are not required to understand the main content of the video.

This includes:

  • Timelapses
  • Fake Sponsors
  • Irrelevant/ tangential content
    • Content creator being distracted by something unrelated to the video
    • Unrelated highlight clips that don't provide any context, are not elaborated on and don't fit into preview

Exceptions/ Edge Cases

  1. If any other category can be applied (mute or skip), choose them instead. Filler Tangent is the lowest priority category.

Not included

  • Useful Information
    1. Provides context
    2. Useful Explanations or analogies
    3. Excerpts from source content
    4. background details
  • Segments that are referenced later.


Description Video Link
Positive Examples
✅ Joke filler from 18:51-18:58 DIY Curbed Wheel Fix - Was It Worth It?
✅Unrelated tangent: 10:03-10:37 - Distracted by a caterpillar 1,074 MPH BASEBALL vs. 1 Gallon of Mayonnaise - Smarter Every Day 264
4:49 - 6:02 Collection of clips that are not built upon, elaborated or used for context
5:10-5:13 is irrelevant content building on a joke
Negative Examples
This is quoting a song, which is relavant to the point he is making. The Man Who Loved An Abortion Ban (The Jimquisition)
0:58-1:27 fits better into preview
✅None of the examples in this video should be marked since they provide context NVIDIA’s Stretchy Simulation: Super Quick! 🐘
VFX Artist Reveals how Many Solar Panels are Needed to Power the ENTIRE World
Verdict Reason Timestamp
Joke analogy that provides no actual information 5:33
Unrelated joke in the middle of content 6:39
Unrelated tangent/ joke that is based in fantasy 16:28
On-topic elaboration that provides context and information 17:28
Pac-Man World Speedruns Deserve More Love | The Art of Speedrunning
Verdict Reason Timestamp
The clip is too short to clip cleanly 0 - 0:02
Collection of gameplay clips that do not appear later in the video 0:40 - 1:40
The upcoming scene is narrated and a follow-up to earlier content 9:52 - 10:07
Unrelated tangent/ fun fact 10:24 - 10:40
"Unsafe at any Speed" : The Truth about RECALLS | WheelHouse
Verdict Reason Timestamp
Clip used for humor 1:14 - 1:18
Clip used as reference, but ultimately just repetition 2:05 - 2:11
Direct quote & used for context 3:10 - 3:19
Clip used to accentuate point 5:33 - 5:41
Song reference to accentuate point 5:45 - 5:49