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*Paste your userID there and confirm the changes
*Paste your userID there and confirm the changes
*Your userID is now transferred. The popup will show stats based on what you have submitted from Vanced.
*Your userID is now transferred. The popup will show stats based on what you have submitted from Vanced.
Some data cannot be transfered, like segments you've skipped and time you saved others, because it is only saved anonymized.

== What is the mute option when submitting? ==
== What is the mute option when submitting? ==

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What are the most frequent mistakes when submitting segments?

  • Not including the segue (smooth verbal transition to the sponsor)
  • Submitting sponsor segments on videos that are either solely about the sponsor or could show bias towards it (e.g. when using the sponsored product is an essential part of the video's content and the creator voices their opinion, viewers need to be aware of the sponsor disclosure)
  • Mistaking self promotion for a sponsorship
  • Segments at the very beginning not starting precisely at 0:00, but rather something like 0.0314159 seconds into the video. Similarly, segments not sticking to the exact end of the video when they should.
  • Misunderstanding of the intermission category. More often than not, if should not contain any spoken words, and it's not meant for just about anything that users find insignificant, like the creator saying "hello."

I noticed an incorrect submission. What should I do?

The first thing you can do is simply downvote it in the pop-up. If it's just the wrong category but correctly timed, you can select "Wrong Category". Additionally, when the timing of an existing segment could be better, submitting your own correct segment in its place may reduce the amount of times the faulty one appears.

If you're on SponsorBlock Discord server, feel free to report it in the #incorrect-submissions channel, where a VIP can take a look at it. Even if the video is not in English, you can still give it a shot. Especially if you believe it’s a purposefully malicious spam, we would really like to be notified.

Why am I getting an error when trying to submit a segment?

400: Bad Request (Your inputs are wrong/impossible)

  • Your segment is maybe 0 seconds long
  • There is a minimum length for Sponsor segments

403: Rejected by auto moderator:

  • A human moderator has locked the category or the complete video, all the segments that are needed are there and timed perfectly. If there isn't already a segment where you want to add one, try reloading the video. Make sure that you have activated all categories, as the segment you want to add is maybe in the wrong category. The video is locked to prevent spamming of bad segments that need to be removed later.

409: Duplicate: You already submitted this segment, delete the one you can still add and all should be good

How exactly is “non-music” supposed to co-exist with other categories?

Non-music exists separately from other categories and may overlap with them. In the end, the video should resemble the Spotify or any other mix version as close as possible.

What are some more advanced tips for submitting?

You can find many tips in this article.

How to browse the database and view all my submissions with details?

  • You can view the database and all submissions on this website: https://sb.ltn.fi/ (this should update every 5 minutes)
  • You can download the entire database here.

Note: Your public userID in the database is different than your private one in the SponsorBlock options tab.

Can I edit/remove the segment that I uploaded?

Once your segment is uploaded, you can still easily remove it or change its category by clicking thumbs down on the skip notice and choosing "Incorrect/Wrong Timing" or "Wrong Category" respectively. In case of your own submissions, your votes will have an immediate effect.

Editing timestamps of submitted segments is not possible, so in order to correct a segment downvote it and submit a new one.

I think my segment might have been deleted. Why?

One possibility is that other users downvoted it. If it was removed by a moderator however, possible reasons include:

  • Some other submission in that place was a bit better (even if it’s just a fraction of a second, it does make a difference)
  • It was against the Guidelines
  • Any mistake mentioned in answer #1

How does voting work and what do certain amounts of votes mean?

Overlapping segments of the same category don't get shown all at once, but instead compete with each other, appearing to users one at a time. The amount of votes determines how likely your submission is to be shown over the other ones. You can read more about the algorithm and grouping similar segments here.

When a submission reaches the score of -2 or lower, it gets removed and will not appear anymore for users, but can still be found in the database. It also takes two votes to change the category of someone else's segment.

If a segment's has a padlock next to it, it means it has been locked and will be prioritized over any other segment. VIPs' segments are always locked, due to them being trusted.

Are there any moderators?

People with the VIP permission can moderate submissions. You can recognise them in Discord by their VIP tag. Learn more here.

Can I use SponsorBlock on platforms other than PC?

Yes. Aside from the web browser extension, there are various third-party ports, including mobile. See the list here.

How can I transfer my Vanced userID to the desktop extension?

Warning: You can only keep one userID, so decide if you want to keep the your extension userID or your Vanced userID. Keep a backup of your private userID in a secure location. If you want to transfer your extension user to Vanced, you will have to reverse the process.

To transfer your userID from Vanced to the extension:

  • In Vanced click on your user icon -> settings -> SponsorBlock settings -> "your unique userID"
  • Copy this string and save it somewhere
  • In your browser, click on the SponsorBlock icon in your toolbar and click on options
  • Scroll down to "Import/Export your UserID"
  • Back up the current userID and save it somewhere safe in case you want to switch back to it
  • Paste your userID there and confirm the changes
  • Your userID is now transferred. The popup will show stats based on what you have submitted from Vanced.

Some data cannot be transfered, like segments you've skipped and time you saved others, because it is only saved anonymized.

What is the mute option when submitting?

Normally a segment would just skip to the end. The mute segment will mute the video and play the segment. Once you have reached the end of the segment, the video will be unmuted.

Can I create skip segments just for myself?

Yes. If you wish to have skip segments for your personal use, not caring about the rules, just select the timestamps and close the editing box. Make sure not to click "submit". They will be stored locally in your browser and skipped automatically. You can also export them with your options.

How about adding the “off-topic” category to get straight to the video’s topic?

The problem with such a category is that it would be highly subjective. Sure, it would come in handy on tutorial videos, but once it's there, people will use it everywhere. As an alternative, the Highlight category can be used. It pops up at the beginning of the video and allows you to jump to the most important part of the video.

What is considered content?

Content is any part of the video which someone could find valuable to watch. Finding something a waste of time personally does not mean that someone else wants to skip it.

Is there any AI involved?

NeuralBlock is a neural network that detects in-video YouTube sponsorships, though current implementation within SponsorBlock is limited to a moderation tool which detects incorrect sponsor segments on English videos. Every SponsorBlock segment you see on YouTube has been made by a human (as far as we know).

Licenced under GPL-3.0