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Typically at the end of a video.

This is for credits or when the YouTube endcards appear and not for conclusions with information.


There is no "goodbye"-category and there aren't any plans for one. At the end of videos there is often a mix of "goodbyes", interaction reminders, and self promotion. Endcards are meant for segments that are concurrent to in-video-endcards (opposed to the overlay created by YouTube) or for cutting out goodbyes which are not to be included in other categories. This category is not intended to cut out goodbye messages, even if they are concurrent to in-video endcards, but if leaving one in seems awkward and lacking context, then it should be bundled with the endcards segment.

Exceptions/ Edge Cases
  1. YouTube's overlayed endcards do not influence category type decision as they are arbitrarily placed particularly when the segment category is controversial.
    1. If there is a clean cut to unrelated filler audio or video for YouTube's endcards, mark it as endcards.
  2. Unpaid/Self Promotion and Interaction Reminder (Subscribe) can be included in endcards but should be separate if they can be cleanly separated.
  3. A goodbye doesn't necessarily justify an endcard. A clear audio AND visual cut should seperate a goodbye before it should be included in an endcard.
    • This helps avoid jarring cuts to a goodbye followed by an outro segment. Just include the goodbye and withit, remove the cut.
    • See Daily Dose Of Internet Intros, just at the end of a video.
  4. Bloopers should not be marked - see Filler Tangent
  5. Sponsor segments during endcards should always be cut.
  6. Youtubers often have patterns when ending their videos. Look at older videos and create similar segments.
  7. If you do not agree with the way things are done, inform a VIP.
Description Video Link
Positive Examples
Self promotion during endcards should be marked endcards. What a BEAST - Beast Canyon NUC
Interaction reminder and self promotion are lumped together inside the end card. Can a Program BRICK Your PC?
The Patreons are given credit in the credit scroll next to the writers. Space Jam 2 - Terrible But Very Fun
Self promotion and end cards are easily separated. Why There's a Straight Line Through Scotland
The interaction reminder was separated from the endcards. My channel was deleted... HOW?
Endcards overlayed over a non-music segment. The interaction reminder is separated from the endcards, because it is easy to do so. Katy Perry - Hot N Cold (Lyrics)
Bloopers at the end were left alone. This Laptop is ALL SCREEN!
The audio at the end is not present in the first-party VOD Tevy Fonda - AH Animated
The clip at 0:19 is completely unrelated and filler for YouTube's endcards overlay Wenn dein Lehrer endlich mal die Wahrheit sagt
Negative Examples
Sponsor trumps endcards. It's SINFULLY light! - Roccat Syn Pro Air Wireless Gaming Headset
Segment which started at 3:02 caused an abrupt audio cut when a smoother transition was possible at 3:07. Hissing Cat Warms Up To His Foster Mom