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SponsorBlock Flowchart by E.Coli. Flowchart to help users choose the correct category when making submissions.

Flow chart to help users choose the correct category when making submissions.


SponsorBlock Browser by Lartza. Explore segments on a 5-minute delayed version of the live database

SponsorBlockControl by Nanobyte. Vote on segments with UUID, also for VIP operations

SponsorBlock Swagger by mchangrh. Explore and try the SponsorBlock API.


Userscripts require a userscript manager like Tampermonkey. Press raw on the right of the filename and then install.

SponsorBlock Browser

Userscripts by Nanobyte

  • Shows last update time
  • Color highlight segments that are similar
  • Color highlights categories
  • Make startTime clickable
  • Paste YT link into videoID field

Userscripts by TheJzoli

  • Replace videoID with video title
  • Ellipsis will show page to nagivate to instead
  • Hide any column you want
  • Duplicate page navigation element above table


Opening SponsorBlock Browser page while on the YouTube page

javascript:(function(){'' + new URL(document.URL).searchParams.get("v") + '/')})()

Open video outside of playlist

javascript:(function(){'' + new URL(document.URL).searchParams.get("v"))})()


SponsorBlock Port Matrix by mchangrh. Supported endpoints, segment types and documentation versions for different ports/libraries

sb-slash by mchangrh. Interact with SponsorBlock over Discord